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Why do people take drugs?

In general, people begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons:

  • To feel good and better .
Most abused drugs produce intense feelings of pleasure. This initial sensation of euphoria is followed by other effects, which differ with the type of drug used. For example, with stimulants such as cocaine, the "high" is followed by feelings of power, self-confidence, and increased energy. In contrast, the euphoria caused by opiates such as heroin is followed by feelings of relaxation and satisfaction.Some people who suffer from social anxiety, stress-related disorders, and depression begin abusing drugs in an attempt to lessen feelings of distress. Stress can play a major role in beginning drug use, continuing drug abuse, or relapse in patients recovering from addiction.
  • To do better.
Most athletes take drugs because they want to make the best or not satisfied with the performance of their own. Beside that, they might also stressed the training schedule, pressure to meet the expectations of others or to meet the requirements of an events. Athletes may have several reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs. An athlete may want to: • Build mass and strength of muscles and/or bones • Increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues • Mask pain • Stimulate the body • Hide use of other drugs Many drugs are banned outright in Olympic competitions. However, some drugs, such as cortisone and local anesthetics, are merely restricted because they have legitimate clinical uses. Athletes may also misuse drugs to reduce weight, relax, cope with stress or boost their own confidence. Whatever the reason, doping has many unsafe if not deadly side effects. .
  • Curiosity and "because others are doing it.
" In this respect adolescents are particularly vulnerable because of the strong influence of peer pressure; they are more likely, for example, to engage in "thrilling" and "daring" behaviors. So much has been written and said about drugs that many people are tempted to experience them out of curiosity. The first taste, and its effect on the user, greatly influence whether the individual continues taking drugs. the younger the age at wich an individual first tries drugs, they more apt he or she is to try them again (Drug Danger and Social Behaviour. Dr.Bhim Sain.p192)
  • Peer preasure
Youth who are in universities or schools often give reasons that they take drugs because of depression with various problems. For example, university students who are short of time for the test will be revised by taking drugs to prevent drowsiness and add a sense of confidence during the exam.
  • Peer influence
Teenagers have various peer relationships, and they interact with many peer groups. Some kids give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry that other kids may make fun of them if they don't go along with the group. Others may go along because they are curious to try something new that others are doing. The idea that "everyone's doing it" may influence some kids to leave their better judgment, or their common sense, behind. While parents can't protect their children from experiencing peer pressure, there are steps they can take to minimize its effects. Children and teenagers feel social pressure to conform to the group of peers with whom they socialize. This peer pressure can influence how children dress, what kind of music they listen to, and what types of behavior they engage in, including risky behaviors such as using drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, and engaging in sex. The intensity of peer pressure differs from situation to situation. Influence of peers can lead teenagers to take drugs. This happens because a person is easily affected and do not have a strong stance. for example, there is a group of teenagers taking the drug as a condition of their membership.
Source :(Nora D. Volkow, M.D. Director National Institute on Drug Abuse) Drugs and crime . Chapter two "why people take drugs" by Marcella Frster And Joe Sheehan. First publisher in 1992 by Wayland(publisher)Ltd. PTSL HV 5826. F673 Drug Danger and Social Behaviour. Dr.Bhim Sain.p192 Posted by AZIZI (A127463)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drugs Problem in Teenagers

What definition a drugs?

  • Drug is an illegal substance such as marijuana or cocaine, which some people take in order to feel happy, relaxed, or excited
  • a medicine, or a substance for making medicines
  • a substance that people doing a sport sometimes take illegally to improve their performance
(Longman- Dictionary Of Contemporary English)
  • The term drug is derived from the fourteenth-century French word drogue, meaning a dry substance-most pharmaceuticals at that time were prepared from dried (Palfai and Jankiewciz 1991). Thus some feel it approriate to refer to chemical or substance abuse. Imprecision in the use of the term drug has had serious social consequences.
  • the term drug will refer to subtances having mood-altering, psychotropic effects. This definition includes caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, as well as illegal chemicals such as marijuana and heroin.

    (Howard Abadinsky (2004). "Drugs An Introduction". Fifth Edition Wadsworth, a Division of Thomson Learning.

Drug is any chemical substance that alters mood, perception or consciousness and is misused, to the apparent detriment, of society. Drug because our society is itself dependent on it, and as Prohibition seems to have shown, its enforced absence is more damaging than its legal presence.

(Peter Laurie-Drug (1974). "Medical, Psychological, and Social Facts". Reprinted with Revisions.

Drugs are substances that cause changes in body function. Drugs come in a wide variety of forms and have an even wider variety of uses. Drugs are found in nature, in our foods, and in chemical compositions made by man. Many drugs are consumed without any perceptible effects while others take a devastating toll, especially when abused.

(W. Wayne Worick & Warren E. Schaller (1977). "Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs". Englewood Cliff, New Jersey Prentice-Hall.

Drugs have been in existence for a long period of human history and the medical use of drugs has always been, and will continue to be, actively encouraged by the goverments of the world.

(Tai Foong Leong (1981)."Curbing Drug Abuse".Singapore : Federal Publications.


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assalammualaikum and hi everyone...

Assalamualikum....... My name is Che Ku Sharifah Bt. Che Ku Abas and just call me "che ku" or "ifah". My date of birth is 14 september i'm 22 years old for this year. I came from Terengganu and i live in Kampung Gelugor Raja, Kuala Terengganu. I am student at National University of Malaysia . I take the Linguistic programme and my faculty is social science and humanity faculty (FSSK). I have a big family which is one brother, one sister four younger brothers and one younger sisters. I have a one father and one mother for very loving me and she is my best friends.

Now, we want to introduce about ourself for your informations.. Name was given Rosmaida Binti Mohd Din. Everyone can call me 'ida'. I'm come from Muar, Johor, but now I live at Kolej Rahim Kajai, UKM. My father's name Mohd Din Bin Bahrom and my mother's name Gimah Binti Wadio. My parents work as self employment. I have two older sisters, two older brothers and youngest brother. I am fifth from six siblings. When I free time, I like to reading the novel, sleeping, and surf internet. I'm studying in Linguistics courses at 'Pusat Pengajian Bahasa & Linguistik' (PPBL), UKM. During I'm seven years old, I got my first knowledged at primary school Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sri Bukit Pasir until I'm twelve years old. In years 2001, I'm continued my study when I'm thirteen years old at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Pasir until form five. After my examinations, I got the opportunity to continued my study in form six. I'm very grateful when I got excellent resullt in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM). After that, I was accepted to continued my education at UKM. After I graduate, I hope I can get the best career because my motive is successfully in my life.
My name is Muhammad Shahrir Bin Shari. I'm from Kuala Kangsar, Perak and i was born at Hospital Kuala Kangsar on 6 September 1988. I am 22 years old. Now i'm living at Kolej Pendeta Za'ba, UKM. I'm studying Linguistic Courses. My hobbies is reading and playing games like hockey, football and many more. My favaourite food is laksa and keutiaw goreng. Before i'm studying in UKM, i've studied at Clifford School Kuala Kangsar. My father name is Shari bin Panjang Basri and my mother name is Zaiton Binti Hussain.
Assalamualaikum... :)
My name is Mohammad Azizi Bin Fadzil.
I'am 20 years old and I came from Sungai Petani Kedah Darul Aman
I was born in Arau, Perlis Indera Kayangan and is the fourth child in seven of siblings. My spare time hobby is reading books, surfing the Internet, exploring riding bikes and exercise in the gym. I was an active member of the Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM).I am very interested in martial arts because knowledge is useful to me to protect myself and my family. Beside that, I can elevate religion, race and nation.
After studying at level six at Sekolah kebangsaan sungai pasir, kedah
I was educated in National University Of Malaysia(UKM).
At UKM I take the Geography programme at Social Science and Humanity Faculty (FSSK) and living at Kolej Aminuddin Baki (KAB).